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Why Your Next Event Needs a Grazing Table!

If you been on Instagram or Pinterest lately you have probably seen the hottest food trend… cheeseboards! Now imagine treating your party or wedding guests to a larger than life cheeseboard with an Oh Graze Grazing Table.

Charcuterie and grazing table have been the hottest trend for wedding and event catering, and for good reason. They make for a fun and festive mingling, and they also win on aesthetics. Who doesn’t love a good Charcuterie!

Now, what makes grazing tables so perfect for parties?

Social Dining:

Originating in Australia, grazing tables are the next big thing in catering! Providing a more beautiful and delicious alternative to the standard buffet, grazing tables allow for a more relaxed and social way to dine. With our grazing tables, your guest can move freely and dine at their own pace, creating the perfect atmosphere for any celebration. if there's one thing that gets your guests mingling, it's a beautiful table piled high with delicious charcuterie and dips!

Show-Stopping and Abundant:

Everything in our grazing tables has been made in-house, or carefully selected and locally sourced. We make all of our artisanal dips, cheese balls, marinated vegetables, and artisan bread in house daily. Instead of tiny, expensive canapes, guests are greeted with an abundance of fresh and fine food for the entire duration of an event. As well, guests, your guests will not have to settle for the standard 3 or 4 pieces, instead, each table is filled and made so guests can try everything and enjoy the variety.

Simply put, grazing tables are a decadent alternative to the classic canapés and starters we are so used to seeing. Grazing tables are definitely a more beautiful, way cooler, and absolutely more abundant way to cater any event.


Surprisingly, these show-stopping dining experience can be in fact more cost-effective than traditional catering. HOW? Well, first hosts can save on staff costs, since many guests help themselves throughout the party! Having a grazing table can also replace the canapes and starters combined, which often is a more efficient way of catering that having canapes and then a three-course meal. For many of our party hosts or wedding couples they opt for a grazing table + one hot food station (think trendy tacos or BBQ food stations)! Not to mention, we love to load up our tables so our grazing table will last for hours and have your guests coming back for more and more grazing goodness!

So, whether you chose to cut the canapés and offer grazing tables as a cocktail-hour option or replace the main course with a family-style spread, grazing tables are a fun and delicious way to look after your guests!

Easy Logistics:

Leave all the work to us, as part of our grazing table package we set-up and tear down the grazing table, so the only thing you need to lift is your plate!

Grazing tables are perfect for venues that aren’t specifically set up for weddings (ps. this is another major way to save on costs). Since we set up on-site without the need to cook or extensively prepare, unique and out of the ordinary venues, or venues limited, or no kitchen facilities are no problem for us. Everything comes ready to serve from our own commercial kitchen. Our tables are also perfect for indoor or outdoor events (although we do ask for tables to be away from direct sunlight). They are especially great for backyard parties or weddings.

Logistically, grazing tables are perfect for all types of event spaces!


All of our tables can be customized to your event! No two tables are alike, just like no two parties are the same. Each table is unique and created especially for each event and their guests. Décor will complement the theme and colour palette of your event. With our grazing tables, there is no need to compromise between looks or taste, we guarantee you both!

As well, have any dietary requirements or picky eaters? A grazing table is a perfect way to make sure all your guests will have something incredible to eat, with no fuss on your end. We take care of setting up and making sure there is plentily of options for all of your guests!

Whether it's a wedding, rehearsal dinner, birthday celebration, bridal or baby shower, store opening, or even a special night in, let OhGraze cater your next event!

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